When Should You Replace Your Skateboard Trucks

Trucks are most likely the most important part of your skateboard setup. This article should help you decide when is the best time to change your trucks.

When should skateboard trucks be replaced? When they are warped, have small cracks, bent axles or base plates have been damaged. Sometimes you can replace the kingpin, nuts, base plate, washers, bushings, pivot cup or hangar without having to invest in a new set.

Replace Your Trucks When They Are Visibly Broken

Do your trucks wobble and you haven’t removed the top bushings? Is the base plate or truck hanger cracked? Are bushings dried out damaged or the axles and kingpin warped? Does the whole setup make a bunch of noise?

If your answer is yes to any of the above questions, you should replace your trucks and or parts immediately. Warped and broken components make the trucks feel terrible and the board won’t roll or turn as correctly. Eventually one or all the parts will break and this could cause serious injury.

Riding anything that isn’t in good condition is a safety hazard.  Skateboard trucks are not designed to be used broken and will not function correctly leading to failure, likely to injure the user.

Change Your Trucks When They No Longer Function as They Should

Problems turning? Getting wheel bite all the time? Problem balancing because the ride is to wobbly?  This could mean your trucks or components are damaged. Even though you cant see the damage, you should be able to feel when something is wrong.




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