Getting back into skateboarding after a long break isn’t difficult. Yes, you won’t shred like before but it’s still going to be a good time.

Here’s some tips to help with getting back into skateboarding after a break:

  1. Go slow, Start riding a little each day until you feel comfortable again.
  2. Warming up. Stretch so you don’t pull a muscle.
  3. Protective gear is a good idea to wear if you feel uncomfortable.
  4. Don’t start doing tricks you’re not ready for.
  5. Repeat tricks you are comfortable with. Eventually, you’ll move on to the next trick when it comes natural again.


If you’re older and have but on some weight, pay close attention. Avoid being over confident as you could hurt yourself.

It’s never too late to start skateboarding again

Many skaters ask themself why they stopped skateboarding. The main reason is life happened. This goes for many skateboarders that end up having to put a pause on skateboarding. Luckily it’s hard to let go of it consciously or not, the feeling of grinding a rail or sliding an obstacle is something that is burned into your mind. It’s like a drug, you desperately want to experience that feeling again. Skateboarding is a great exercise to get rid of stress and you’ll feel like a million doge coin after your finished. Any form of exercise is excellent for the brain and you’ll work more effectively when you’re at your job if you workout.

Lose of competitive attitude

Back in the day when skateboarding with friends you would always push and compete with each other in a friendly way. Years later you still have that attitude but to a certain extent. As you get older you have more responsibilities and don’t want to see someone gets injured. You all joke of course and encourage one another but sometimes it’s easy to forget you still need to get home in one piece.

Nowadays, the streets are bit too hardcore and you got a job and family to take care of. But that shouldn’t stop you, skateboarding is the only sport where you completely forget about the world, and when your done you have a huge smile on your face. There is nothing wrong with just riding and basic stuff. When you feel in control, take a bit more risk and try some more technical stuff.

Get the Right Gear

When you get back into skateboarding you cant just use your old skateboard. The bearings will be bad, grip tape starting to come off, bushings crushed and the board is waterlogged.

When you decide to grab your old skateboard make sure to check the following:

  • Inspect the bearings, check if they make noise and clean them.
  • Check that the nuts and bolts are tight, you don’t want your wheels to come flying off.
  • Inspect the deck for cracks and delamination.
  • Check the bushings, they may be dry or squished. Replace them if necessary.

You should consider getting protective gear. It may feel restrictive but it makes a difference. Knee pads and a helmet are mandatory and prevent injuries.

Consider cruising for a while

Just cruising around is a good way of getting back into skateboarding. Just commuting your local area is fun and will help with getting your balance back. Soon you’ll able to hop curbs again, the basics are still embedded in your muscles and brain.

Too busy with work and or family?

Just plan ahead. Even if you can only skate a few hours a week or once every other week. Grab your phone and schedule your skating sessions, if you have kids bring them along and teach them. Skateboarding is a great activity to do with your family and it will stop you from doing stuff you’re not ready for.

Skateboarding after an injury

If injured while skateboarding, don’t get back into it until you have had time to heal. A rolled ankle is weaker and you could run the risk of injuring it further.

Take it slow and listen to what your body is telling you. When you start feeling pain or feel that your movement is restricted, stop what your doing and pick it back up another time. You just want to go out there and skateboard but by doing so could make your injury worse.

The gist of it

No matter how long your break from skateboarding is just take it slow. You don’t have to learn it all over again, the muscle memory is still there. Have some patience and soon you’ll be able to do some of your old tricks again. If you’re still a bit concerned of committing remember that its best not to overthink and be sure you’re ready.  If your fear is holding you back, just use common sense and make sure to get home in one piece.



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