Safety is top priority when skateboarding. More and more skaters wearing protective gear.

You should always be wearing your helmet when skateboarding. The helmets purpose is to protect the head from severe injury in case of a traumatic hit the head. Just like other extreme sports such as football concussions and a variety of head injuries happen when skateboarding to.

Pros of Wearing a Skateboard Helmet

  • Brighter Helmets offer higher visibility for drivers while you are skating by the road.
  • Reduction of fatal head injuries.
  • Recovery times are quicker from major falls.
  • Avoiding a hospital visit and your able to go to work or school the next day

Cons of Wearing a Helmet

Helmets can uncomfortable and they make you sweat and they mess up your hair.

There are so many more reasons to wear a helmet than not to. Knowing how to fall will not always guarantee safety. At the end of the day, safety is more important than looking cool or worrying about what your hair looks like.

Choosing the Right Helmet

Skateboard helmets come in many varieties, knowing hot to choose one is definitely important.

The best way to pick the right helmet is to pay attention to the following:


To determine what size is best, measure your head. Use a tape measure and position it about an inch above your eyebrows then measure the circumference of your head.

Make notations and use those when you purchase your helmet to make sure the fit would be accurate. Wearing a helmet that is over or under sized is not very comfortable and you don’t get the protection you deserve. Helmets also come with removable padding, they come in many thicknesses that would allow you to adjust according to your size. S


There are standard helmets, however you do have options if you are interested in wearing something different or that has more coverage.

The helmets specially made for skateboarding are more impact resistant compared to non skateboard helmets. Commonly used are open face helmets, however full-faced ones are more in line with downhill long boarders.

Safety Standards

Helmets ensure that you are secure. When purchasing a helmet make sure it has its certification.

When a helmet manufacture meets the standards set by Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) you can be confident that the helmet will definitely be ideal for skateboarding.


Using an open face helmet provides ventilation and includes air outlets that are designed to keep your head cool, They also help to prevent sweat from entering into your eyes in the middle of a jump.

Retention System and Straps

These keep a helmet in place on your head. They can be adjusted according to your comfort. They come with quick release buckle systems or the basic ones. These are necessary to be able to secure your helmet on your head.

Skateboarding helmets vs bike helmet

Skateboard and bike helmets have differences between the two. Why you should not use a bike helmet for skateboarding is due to its ability to protect.  If wearing a bike helmet, make sure it covers the back of the head.

Safety is the number one concern, wearing a bike helmet that is built for a diffrent impact will not help you when you’re on a tall half pipe a few seconds away from a hard impact. Yes, the bike helmet could break the fall, but it does not guarantee anything past that. This is why skateboarding helmets are made with extra padding, closed back, and a foam shell that protects  against hard falls.

Think of the helmet as a long term purchase, Its a good idea to spend a little more when it comes to safety.

Check out these Skate Helmet Brands

Thousand Skate Helmet

These helmets look good, they are also ASTM F1492, CPSC, and CE EN1078 safety certified. They also have a great mission and philosophy statement about saving lives and sustainability. The helmets are just totally tubular.

Triple Eight with Sweat Saver Liner

Triple Eights are known for there brain-saver rubber, they have a advanced multi-impact design that’s very protective. The sweat saver lining is an added favorite sense its absorbent properties are great for removing sweat.

TSG Evolution

The Evolution Helmet is one of the slimmest hard shell helmet designs available and comes with a safe low and snug fit.

Pro-Tec Classic

Protect offers maximum impact absorption with whopping 11 vents and nylon-webbed straps. Certified by CPSC, NZ, and the ASTM, therefore guaranteeing safety.  ProTec meet all safety standards.

Punisher Skateboards Pro Series 13

These are a one-size-fits-most helmet that comes at an affordable price. Punisher Helmets use 3 inner padding sets that can be changed to fit a user perfectly. Uses dual safety standards and include 12 vents to keep your head cool.


These helmets are used for a variety of activities. Cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading are some of the main activities for these helmets to be used in. They have certifications and are highly resistant to impact. There aerodynamic design offers maximum ventilation.





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