Skateboards in general are wobbly its just a matter of getting used to the wobble or you could tweak your board. The wobble in a skateboard is caused by soft bushings or a truck or trucks being too loose. By adjusting the kingpin nut the wobble can be solved. These are easy to fix and most don’t even consider it a problem. Some people like there trucks tight while others prefer them loose.

How a Wobbly Skateboard Fixed?

Grab your skate tool or a tool that fits the truck’s kingpin nut, then tighten them a little to the right. Don’t go overboard, just a minor adjustment first. After tightening, ride skateboard to see if you feel a difference.

If the problem is not solved you may have soft bushings. You should select bushings by your weight, please refer to the chart chart. If you don’t like loose trucks, select harder bushings. If you like loose trucks then choose softer bushings.

Weight (lbs) Weight (kg) Flexible Medium Hard (stiff)
50 – 100 22.5 – 45 65a 78a 81a
75 – 125 34 –  56 80a 83a 85a
100 – 145 45 – 66 85a 87a 88a
125 – 175 56 – 79 88a 90a 93a
145 – 195 66 – 88.5 90a 93a 94a
175 – 220+ 79 – 100+ 91a 93a 100a
Weight and bushings durometer based on regular skateboards

The Other Causes of A Wobbly Skateboard

There are cases where a wobbly skateboard is caused by trucks not properly being attached. Check to see if the hardware on top of the skateboard is attached properly. Also, that all 4 bolts and nuts are attached still. riding on less than 4 bolts will break the hardware.

Why Are The Skateboard Trucks so Loose?

New bushings need time to break in an will start working properly after a few days of riding. This includes prebuilt completes. In time the bushings will start to work as intended, so wait to tighten the trucks and let the bushings break in first. Tightening new bushings too soon will crush them and they will lose responsiveness.

Why Is My Boards Trucks Lean to One Side

This is something that happens to new skateboards or trucks. It will take some time for the new bushings to adjust themselves in. What you are going to want to do is adjust the truck’s position when it’s crooked. If you do not make the adjustment your board will be all over the place and start turning to the left or right.

Another potential cause is squished bushings. Your bushings may be worn out and need replacing.

How To Fix Squeaky Skateboard Trucks

Those squeaky noises your hearing are usually caused by new or old bushings. New bushings require time to break-in.

Sometimes after a wicked trick your truck could end up a little crooked. Try skating for a day and if the trucks will align, again it’s the bushings that need time to properly work.

Older bushings could be worn out and or squished from the abuse they have taken, This is a good sign that its time to consider replacing them.

Also, make sure to check the pivot cup holder. Add a small amount of silicone lube to the pivot cup holder. Access to the pivot cup requires removal of the truck hanger in order to be able to do this.

A Clicking Sound From Skateboard Trucks

If your hearing a clicking sound from your trucks it’s often the cup washer that is moving around. When a cup washer shifts, it makes a clicking sound. To fix this issue you will need to first remove the kingpin nut and truck hanger. Check to see if the bushings fits properly and that the washers can’t move.

If you find that a washer is not seating properly, you should replace it. Washers are inexpensive, make sure to pick the right size.

How To Replace Skateboard Bushings

Simply adjusting or replacing the skateboard bushings can solve most of the issue mentioned. These jobs are easy, especially if you have a skate tool. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Unscrew the kingpin nut, then remove it.
  2. Make notes on how the bushings and washers are assembled so you know how to place the new bushings.
  3. Next remove the truck hangar
  4. Replace the old bushings and washers


Wobbly skateboard are not uncommon and it isn’t always a bad thing, Some skaters actually like to ride their trucks super loose. Beginners will have a harder time learning to ride a skateboard with loose trucks. Sense, a more stable board will help you keep your balance.

Adjusting tightness of the trucks will solve your problem. If you still think the trucks are too loose then go with harder bushings. Never tighten them too much, you don’t want the kingpin sticking out, this means you are riding the wrong bushings

Always break bushings in and avoid tighten them until you squish them. Squished bushings are useless.



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