Can Skateboards Get Wet?

Skateboards that get wet don’t last long. Lets find out what happens when a skateboard comes in contact with the elements:

  • The skateboard deck soaks in water and becomes waterlogged.
  • The lesser quality decks will start to warp or delaminate quicker.
  • Trucks, axle buts, cup washers, and kingpin nuts will start to rust.
  • Bearings will start to seize up.
  • Grip tape might become less sticky and fall off the board.

So its best to avoid riding in the rain. If its unavoidable make sure to dry your board off as quick as you can.

Can A Waterlogged Skateboard Deck Be Fixed?

Nope, waterlogged skateboard decks need to be replaced. When a skateboard deck is waterlogged it loses its pop and you should replace it as soon as feasible.

If you go with a plastic skateboards you wont have these issues but we’re not talking about penny boards here.

How Wet is Too Wet?

A little water on the  surfaces will not be much of a problem, still you want to avoid skating after rain sense its just asking for trouble. If you have the option, skate in a parking garage and wait until the streets are skate able.

Skateboard Trucks Do Rust

Skateboard trucks can rust from oxidation. This all depends on the materials used to cast the trucks. Washers and kingpin nuts will show signs of oxidation first, after those are usually the hangar and axles.

When your trucks are not cleaned after skating during a rainy day they will rust. Quality trucks can handle some oxidation but the washers, axle nuts, and kingpin nuts will start to rust almost immediately.

Bushings are not an issue as they are more prone to dry rote if they are exposed to the sunlight and hot temperatures a lot.

How to Replace Skateboard Trucks Parts

Its a good idea to have a repair kit that has nuts, cup washers, washers and even some kingpins. Keep some tools around as well. When truck axle nuts are stuck use a wrench to remove them.

If your axle threads need to be fixed use a re-threader. There are plenty of specialty tools on the market that have both sockets and re-threaders as an all in one tool.

How To Remove Rust From Skateboard Trucks

Use sandpaper to scrape off most of the rust. Then with an old cloth and some rust remover wipe down the parts to clean off as much of the remainder of the rust that you can.

Removing Stuck Axle Nuts From Your Skateboard Trucks

This is a common issue.  This happens when you do lots of tricks or a lot of oxidation has occurred. Rusty nuts can be easily removed with a wrench or skate tool. You may also use some WD-40 or similar degreaser / rust remover. WD40 will help loosen the nuts and bolts.

An option to remove the stuck axle nut:

  1. Grind down the axle nut (this could destroy your wheel and bearings).
  2. Use a small chisel and hammer to de nut down.
  3. Restore the axle thread with a re-threader.

Conclusion:Do Not Get Skateboard Bearings Wet

During tests rust in skateboard bearings was found. Bones bearings can’t handle water, not even the ceramic bearings. Yes, they deal with water, but don’t buy expensive bearings and expect them not to rust. Testing showed that Bronson G2’s or G3’s did best.



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