Penny Boards are light-weight small skateboards that are easy to carry. A 32″ Penny Board is a good beginners board. However 22″ and 27″ sizes are too small and unstable for beginners. Another downside to consider is that is that the flexible deck makes it harder to keep your balance. Your feet stick out while your legs are closer together compared with regular-sized skateboards.

What is a Penny Board?

Penny makes skateboards in 3 sizes: Penny (22” long deck), Nickel (27” long deck), and the cruiser variant (32” long deck). A 22″ Penny Board is a small, light weight, moulded plastic deck skateboard. They are often sold as a pre-assembled complete setup including the deck, wheels, and trucks, however you can also buy the components separately so you can design your ideal setup. They come with  3” wide, soft 83a on the durometer scale, 59mm diameter polyurethane wheels with the plastic core. Penny Boards use quality ABEC 7 bearings. The trucks included are 3” wide and designed specifically for Penny Boards.

The shape over a penny board is based off some of the original classic skateboards from1960’s thru 1970’s. Very narrow at around 6-7 inches in width and include a pointed nose. They come standard with a back kicktail. The trucks at the front are close up to the end of the nose. Penny boards do not have griptape. Instead they use a waffle like pattern moulded into the top of the deck. The board and components are available in many colors.  They are also available with screened graphics for the deck bottoms.

What Are Penny Boards Used For?

Penny Boards are good for commuting and cruising around.  Being small and lightweight allow the to fit easily into a backpack. They include larger and softer wheels to help them tackle cracks, pebbles, and rougher terrain. The bearings allow the rider to get some fast speeds with minimal pushing, for a nice smooth ride. Comes with a kick tail allowing easy front lift  when going over curbs and big cracks.

Is a Penny Board Good for a Complete Beginner?

For young beginners a Penny Board is a good option to learn fundamentals, such as balance, and how to push, turn and cruise around.  Sense wheelbase is so small, and the wheels are fast, a Penny Board has a great turning radius. If you learn to cruise and carve tight on a Penny Board, you have acquired skills to ride almost any board shape. Having a wider, crouched stance, forces the skater to be stable upright stance.  For an adult, or anyone with feet over size 9, the Penny Board will probably be too small to feel comfortable on.

Are Penny Boards Good for Learning Tricks?

Penny Boards are not designed for tricks however on you can learn tricks like pushing, riding switch, kick turns, power-slides, manuals, layback carves and rolling off of curbs. Basically tricks where you don’t leave the ground. Soft wheels, no griptape, and only one kick, are going to make it hard to do technical tricks that require an ollie, or flipping the board, as the small Penny Board is hard to catch and land back onto. Grinding tricks also are difficult to learn sense the board and trucks are narrow, and the wheels are large, soft, and wide, making locking onto the grind will be difficult.

When to Get a Penny Board

Penny Boards are a great option for someone smaller that’s ready to learn to cruise on a skateboard, but not learn advanced tricks. Penny Boards are an excellent option for learning balance, pushing, turning, carving and basic fundamentals. For cruising or commuting with a smaller lighter board that will fit in your backpack, locker, or under your work desk, the Penny Board is a terrific option.



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