Is Pushing Your Skateboard Mongo Style Bad?

When pushing Mongo Style it takes longer to position yourself properly. You have to move your feet around more compared to a proper stance. You also have less balance sense your weight is on the back of your skateboard. less stability means a higher risk of falling.

What Is Pushing Mongo

Mongo is pushing your skateboard using the front foot. This takes extra time to get into proper position and reduces balance because the center of your skateboard deck provides less stability. Correctly pushing is when your front foot is near the front of your trucks. Then with your back foot push yourself forward.

When pushing mongo your back foot is near the center of your board (see image 1) while using your front foot to push. To go back into position, you need to place your front foot on your board (see image 2) simultaneously moving your back foot to your tail (see both images 3 and 4).

The Cons

Pushing mongo is not efficient. You need to quickly access to your tail constantly when you push. You need it to ollie, kickturn, hop cracks, avoid small rocks ,etc. Thats not going to happen when pushing mongo.

If you push regular this will be much easier sense it takes less time to get into the correct position by taking your back foot off and on your tail. If it takes longer to get into a stable position, you can’t deal with unexpected events as fast. These issues are not as often present when you push normal. Place your front foot near the bolts of the front trucks to give yourself much more stability.

How to Stop Pushing Mongo

It’s not easy to get rid of something that’s so deeply wired into your brain. How do you stop pushing mongo?

  • Locate a smooth road/pavement/sidewalk and start pushing normal
  • Use your hand (left or right, depends on your stance)  lean on your knee once you feel comfortable.
  • Take it slow, your balance may be off.
  • Force yourself to push normal when you find yourself pushing mongo. Get off the board and get in the proper position.



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