CCI Phantom Paintball Gun Build Options

Over years CCI has improved the product and now offers various configuration and colors of The Phantom pump action paintball guns. All pump action guns can be converted from bulk hopper feed to stock class configuration.

Stock Class is a specific configuration that has the feed tube parallel to the breech requiring a tilting to load a paintball. The stock class paintball gun is power by a single 12 gram CO2. Stock Class showcases the skill of the player and structures the play to a more sportsman like game.

CCI Phantom Paintball Gun Build Options

  1. Breech – Open Class or Stock Class
  2. Feed – Color Options
  3. Clamp Ring – Color Options
  4. Frame – Color Options
  5. Grip – M16 or 45 Frame
  6. Pump – Standard, Retro, or Under Cocking
  7. Barrel – Standard or Freak Ready
  8. Barrel Size – 6, 8, or 11 Inch
  9. Valve – Rear or Forward. Forward requires vertical ASA
  10. Valve Color – Color Options
  11. 12 Gram Changer – Optional
  12. Trigger Shoe – Optional with color options


Breech – What is a paintball gun breech? The breech is the area in a paintball gun’s body where a paintball loads into, and sits before being fired.

Feed – What is a paintball feed AKA feed neck? A feed is where a hopper/ loader connects to the paintball gun.

Clamp Ring – What is a paintball clamp ring AKA clamping feed neck? A clamp rink attaches a hopper/ loader to a paintball gun with a screw or lever cramming action to hold it in place.

Frame – The Frame AKA trigger frame is a mechanical and use a series of springs and levers to drop a sear, which propels the hammer in the body forward.

Grip – The Grip attaches to the Frame AKA trigger frame. Comes in M16 or a 45 degree frame. The grip is used to stabilize the CCI Phantom stockclass paintball gun when aiming.

Pump – What is a pump stock class paintball gun? The first pump paintball guns had to pump the handle to cock and load the next shot. Pump markers are still popular for players wanting more of a challenge.

Barrel – What is a paintball barrel? The paintball barrel is the cylindrical tube that the paintball travels through when fired. A paintball barrel can be fixed/ integral to the marker’s breech, or threaded to be interchangeable. Paintball barrels are commonly manufactured from aluminum, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and in some cases even carbon fiber.

Barrel Size – The barrel size is the players preference. Shorter barrels can be less accurate however they offer more maneuverability than a longer barrel. Longer barrels can be more accurate however not the best for close combat situations.

Valve – The valve is a mechanical switch that controls whether or not the paintball gun is firing. CCI Phantoms come in either back feed or vertical feed valve assemblies.

Valve – CCI Phantoms Paintball offers 12 valve color options Black, Grey, Silver, Olive, Green, Blue, Teal, Purple, Pink, Red, Orange, and Yellow.

12 Gram Changer – AKA Quick Change allows the use of 12 gram CO2 cartridges. Attach the front piece to the standard ASA, slip a 12 gram CO2 cartridge in the rear tube, and tighten. The cartridge is pierced and the CO2 flows into the marker. Rinse and repeat 🙂

Trigger Shoe – Trigger Shoes use screws to fasten to an existing trigger on your stock class CCI paintball gun. They offer a wider pulling surface.


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