Phantoms are the height of precision pump markers. No hefty pump arms, slim – sleek – lightweight aluminum body, precision machined internal hammer & bolt system and hand-finished with excellent attention to detail!

The Phantom is a .68 caliber, pump action CO2 powered marker designed to fire paintballs as accurately as possible. The Phantom has an internal velocity adjuster that is accessed down the barrel with furnished adjuster rod. The hammer and bolt assembly has a built in anti-kink to reduce friction when in a cocked configuration. The pump arm is captured in the frame to eliminate openings in the gun body to help prevent dirt and debris from entering the mechanics of the Phantom. The bolt has “tuned port compensation” that redirects the blast of air evenly on the paintball to reduces distortion, which reduces paintball breakage. and improves the overall accuracy. The barrel is roller burnished and muzzle ported with channels and holes to reduce pop of the paintball and envelop the ball in a pocket of air. For those who never want to be seen, the distinctive sound of the Phantom is a quiet thud.

Best Pros of CCI Phantom Stock Class Paintball Guns

  • Simple Design – CCI Phantoms are Nelson based paintball guns, making them super simple and compact in design. All of the internal moving parts are inline and don’t need any special tools to disassemble.
  • Compact and Light Weight – Phantoms simple and light weight design allows for a super light weight and compact paintball gun. Every player that tries out a phantom always comments on how light it is compared to similar stock class paintball guns.
  • Minimal Maintenance – Unless you manage to drive over your CCI Phantom paintball gun or break paint inside of it, there isn’t any need to do a full tear down of the phantom or make adjustments. With very few o-rings to replace, the need to fix leaks is very rare.
  • Toolless Disassembly – Modern CCI phantoms today come with thumbscrews holding the frame to the body. These two screws can be removed by hand and hold the entire assembly together! Accessing the internals for routine maintenance takes seconds and you can have the entire paintball gun cleaned and put back together in a few minuets.
  • Durability – Paintball players are hard on gear. Sometimes run into trees, bunkers or fall flat on the ground. More than once I have slammed my Phantom into a rock and worried about damage. Not once has my phantom go down on the field because of lack of maintenance or physical damage.
  • Affordability – New from the manufacture, the Phantom is extremely competitively priced with other stock class pump paintball guns.
  • So Many Configurations – CCI Phantoms are more commonly known for stock class configurations (10 round tube and 12 gram CO2 cartridges) CCI Phantoms can be found in many different configurations. Check out the Configuration section to view several of the common layouts.
  • 12 Gram CO2 Cartridge Efficiency – Out of the box CCI Phantoms are set up for CO2 and are extremely efficient when running  CO2 12 Grams. On average you get between 30-35 shots (above 240 fps) each 12 gram.
  • Whisper Quiet – CCI Phantoms uses so little air per shot, Its sound signature when shooting is super small. You can even hear players you eliminated saying “I have no idea where it came from” at the staging area. 🙂
  • Amazing Accuracy – Out of the box, these paintball guns come with CCI Phantoms signature quality barrel and requires no upgrades to shoot straight and true. All that needs to be done is grabbing some quality paintballs and let them fly.
  • Auto Trigger Comes Standard – That’s correct! CCI Phantoms come standard with an auto trigger (hold down the trigger and keep pumping to shoot). This is great for stock class paintball players wanting to have the ability to shoot just a little faster than a regular pump.
  • Crisp Trigger Pull – Some pumps like the Azodin KP3 paintball gun have a longer trigger pull or require you to adjust when the trigger releases like with WGP Worr Game Products Autococker pumps. The CCI Phantom has a great, short, and crisp trigger pull right out of the box with no need to make any adjustments.


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