Airsoft has become a household name over the years, especially because of all the different types of airsoft guns and games styles that exist. The game of airsoft can be played with a team or as a solo player. No matter what you choose, you need to use proper technique and tactics to win the game. Airsoft requires a player to develop tactics as any professional sport would. But if you’re new to airsoft, you just need to get familiar with the general tactics that will help you win. This will make you last longer and enjoy the game more.


Practice Makes Perfect

For starters, the best way to become better at something is to study the task and practice as often as possible. Don’t get stuck in the same trap over and over. Study your failures and downfalls, When you’re hit and out of the round, take a second to reflect on the actions that led to your demise. Did you get into a position where there was no way out? Did you have help from teammates? Were your teammates actually helping or just there to watch your defeat? How truly effective were your battle decisions?


Every good airsoft game starts out with a thought out strategy. Consider how the field is laid out, your team’s strengths and weaknesses, and your opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. Once you have this information, you can figure out how to use these aspects to your advantage. Figure out how to gain an advantage over your opponents, you will be more likely to win the airsoft game.


Get used to duck and covering a lot. You can use a ditch, bush, or tree trunk to protect yourself from BBs that are flying in your direction. Make sure you practice thoroughly taking cover. Remember if your opponent can’t see you at all then you have the advantage. Plan out your movements so you can get from one place to another quickly while taking cover during your movements.. Don’t panic run out into wide open areas because that will make it easier for your opponents to spot you and then eliminate you from the game.

Team Strategies

Being an excellent communicator is key when you’re playing on a team. Your entire team may develop a strategy that all need to follow, based on a set of plans. The team may also want you to give your suggestions and plans of attack too before the game. Trusting each other on the team is important and its also smart to be on the same page or else your team will lose. At the end of the day communication with your teammates is key. The following airsoft tips for beginners will help help you during team airsoft events.


Many aspects of the game of airsoft require speed. If you are playing capture-the-flag, you need to grab the flag and make a run for it. If you are caught in a bad situation, you need to think on your feet. If you find yourself in a standoff, you need to either run or aim and shoot fast.

To improve your physical speed, you should practice running in your yard or around your local running track. Practicing running on different terrain is also helpful but remember to wear the correct shoes.


Its important that BBs hit your opponents not you. To hit them with a BB, you need to be able to aim your airsoft gun accurately.

There are plenty of factors that go into aiming. You need to know how your gun shoots, how to tune your airsoft gun, where your opponent will be when the shot is fired, and if there are any obstacles in the way of hitting your target. Adjusting your aim accordingly based on the situation takes practice. The more you play, overtime the better you will get.

Good Sportsmanship

So, most importantly you should practice good sportsmanship. This is a skill every pro athlete practices. Its easy to get caught up in the excitement and competition, but always remember that being a good roll model to others is what is most important. Be helpful and courteous to both your teammates and your opponents and you all can learn from each other. Yes, it is okay to have some friendly banter but lets not let things get out of control. All airsoft players want to enjoy their experience and have a good time.



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