The Health Benefits of Skateboarding

Besides being fun, skateboarding has more benefits that you might not expect. Here are some main reasons why you should skateboard and the benefits of skateboarding.

1. Staying In Shape and Healthy

Like other sports that encourage us to get outside and put our muscles to work, skateboarding is also a way to stay fit and healthy. Skateboarding practice provides a heart-pumping cardio boost, reduce stress and fatigue. If you have enough courage to take to the streets, skateboarding is a sport easy to master and requires minimal equipment.

Skateboarding is a full-body workout. When skating you engage muscle groups throughout your body, as seen here:

2. Transportation

As you switch between streets, sidewalks, or parks, there is no other means of transport more suited for the unpredictability you will find when cruising around town. One benefit of skateboarding is not skating at all: you can always walk and carry your board without the inconvenience of locking up a bike. Skateboarding is a practical decision, as you need not worry about finding a parking space or a way to keep your bike safe from theft. Skateboarding thrives around college campuses as well as many other urban areas.

3. The Ultimate Tourist Experience

Forget about the tour of the city that links major monuments and iconic buildings. You don’t need a guide telling you where to take a right turn and where you can find the best burger in town. Most city’s are more than the sum of its iconic highlights. One of the benefits of skateboarding is being able to see the environment around you, through the eyes of a local. Skating around the streets of a metropolis is the ultimate tourist experience.

4. Learn Street Smarts

Skateboarding can be much safer with the correct safety equipment. For hitting the streets skateboarding is a great way to learn traffic rules. learning traffic interactions and becoming more aware of your surroundings is also a benefit of skateboarding. The more knowledge and experience that is accumulated, the safer driver you will become.

5. Making New Freinds

Skaters are some of the most interesting and quirky people you’ll ever meet. A shared love of skateboarding brings people together. Skateboarding can bring a children closer to parents and even set the foundation of new neighborhood friendships. Skateboarding builds bridges between generations and different social backgrounds, ultimately bringing people together and offering a great outlet to meet new people.

6. It’s Simply Fun

I think we can all agree that skateboarding is a major source of fun and quality time. The mix of skating, hanging out with friends, and being outdoors is a great combination. Each ride becomes is an experience. For most skateboarding provides an identity, a social group, and a creative outlet that is irreplaceable. For kids, the idea of skateboard is cool! Skateboarding can offer acceptance, respect, and a peer group. Skateboarding’s not just a hobby or a sport – it’s a lifestyle choice.



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