Skater Trainers Are They Worth The Money?

Should tricks be learned stationary or while moving, and do you really need Skater Trainers for learning?

Skater Trainers help provide confidence by allowing you to feel more comfortable on a skateboard by preventing it from slipping out from under you. They are not designed to learn tricks faster but for for some, they work by building up confidence and getting to know how there skateboard behaves and feels.

The Moving vs Stationary Debate

A big issue is new skaters often want to progress too fast. Instead of knowing how to properly push a board or balance, they go straight to ollies and kickflips. Once you learned how to ride a skateboard and how it behaves, then it’s time to move on to the basics like manuals, shove-it, etc. Skipping the basics will make it difficult to progress in the future.

Pros and Cons

Three isn’t anything wrong with learning tricks stationary. There is a difference between landing a trick while moving and doing it stationary. It’s just much harder to land a kickflip while riding. As long as you got the basics down you should be able to learn either way. Practicing a trick stationary allows you to get a bit of feeling for the trick. You will go through the motions involved and learn the muscle memory. Another thing to consider is that falling while doing a trick stationary is worse than while in motion. You’re more likely to roll an ankle or pop your shoulder because you have less control. Landing a trick in motion can be easier. You have more time to react and when you have momentum it’s easier to roll during the fall.

Why You Should Buy SkaterTrainers

Skatertrainers will help you feel more confident on a skateboard. Skateboards can be intimidation to complete beginners and skater trainers remove some of that initial fear. SkaterTrainers stop your board from slipping out under you. You can start rocking your board a bit without having to be as concerned about falling on your face. Its still a good idea to always wear your protective gear. If you feel that using them will help you progress faster and are concerned about standing on a board, go for it.


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