Skateboard Pad Style & Safety

Skateboarders and longboarders know that there are risks involved in skating at high speeds or doing tricks. This is why many choose to use at least some amount of protective gear. We would recommend using as much protection as possible while learning how to ride a skateboard or longboard. Some skaters only choose to use padding on select high-impact areas, most commonly on their knees. While knee pads typically see the most use, additional padding like elbow pads and wrist guards can help to keep you protected and give you the confidence to learn new tricks or skate faster than you would without them. Most pads come with hard, stiff plastic caps, though some are made with more flexible and slimmer materials, though are generally not recommended for beginners.

Standard pads are your typical safety pads that are constructed out of foam, high-durability fabric liners and have a hard-outer shell. These pads utilize nylon fabric and Velcro to strap on to your arms and legs. They will provide the most protection for your knees and elbows when you wipe out.

Sleeve pads are made out of stretchy nylon materials that feature a smaller foam pad. These are made to be worn under your clothes for a low-profile feel. They will offer some impact protection, but no abrasion protection.


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