Also known as elbow pads, these arm sleeves offer protection for both the elbow and forearm. I can’t even count how many times I’ve take a bounce off of my arm pads. They have been responsible for keeping me in the game longer, and protecting my elbows while crawling. If you are a competitive player, you shouldn’t be without these pads. For one, as you get better, you reveal less of your profile as you snap shoot. Your arms/elbow become one of the more prevalent targets as they can catch a hit on your way back into the bunker after snapping. Because of this reason, you should invest in a soft set of arm pads. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

Planet eclipse makes a highly breathable elbow pad. They are soft and fit the arm nicely — lose enough to get some air in, yet they don’t move because of the added thumb hook (a nice addition I must say). I have a friend who owns a pair of these, so I got to try them on. They are superb.

If you are looking for a thicker padded one, then take a look at the Empire Paintball. The padding on these suckers are thick. In fact, these are the ones I use. I can honestly say they offer superior protection and bounce-ability. I’ve beaten these things to a pulp. From crawling over jagged rocks and gravel, to taking multiple shots to the forearm. The best thing is, I can’t remember one instance where a paintball actually broke on my arm pads. From what I remember most hits bounced.



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