Like the mask, paintball gloves too have evolved from hard shelled biker style gloves, to full fingered protection. Those that have been shot in the hand undeniably understand why gloves are necessary. The hand doesn’t have as much tissue as other parts of the body, which means tendons, joints, and bare bone are all left to absorb the impact. Not only can your hand get seriously bruised from a direct shot, it can also get quite cut up from fragments of the paintball shell.

For the performance minded player, gloves can come entirely fingerless or fingerless only on the middle and pointer fingers. They offer this because many players feel having their trigger fingers covered slows down their rate of fire, which a stiff glove seemingly can do.

Tippmann, a new leader in paintball, has become well known for creating and selling high-quality paintball products. For superior performance, I’d look no further than the products they offer, especially their 2 finger gloves they are currently selling. This glove has one hole for both your index and middle finger, allowing them to move about freely and let you easily strum away on your marker’s trigger. They only cost 15 bucks, which is a decent price for the quality and style Tippmann offers.

On the other hand, a highly protective glove will offer superior coverage, and supply quality padding on the backside of the hand, from the tips of the fingers to the wrist. The best ones for protection have a hard shell on the outside. If you take a shot to hand with one of these, you won’t feel a thing. The price isn’t that bad too. These gloves offer superior protection and affordability, and can be yours for around $10.


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