So, your son or daughter has gotten invited to a friends paintball birthday party. It’s all they talk about and, according to them, everyone else’s kids are going. You want them to be social, but you’re concerned that the whole paintball thing is going to be unsafe or to violent.

Take a deep breath, You’re not alone!

In the sometimes crazy world of school violence and graphic video games, many parents believe that paintball is sending a bad message to their children. Others are just as concerned with the potential physical harm involved. In this article you are about to read, you will dive deep into the what paintball is in order to give you a wider point of view on the subject.

Paintball has been around for a long time.  Paintball guns were created as, and remain, very low velocity, and non-lethal guns. They generally fire at a velocity of 240-300 FPS (feet per second). The paintballs that they use are either .50 to .68 caliber in diameter. They are much safer than rubber paintballs, However it is still important that full protective gear is worn. This is because when your kid is struck by a paintball, a red welt may be left under their clothing. But, if hit on bare skin, it might break the skin. This is reason paintball fields will have a basic minimum engagement distance of around 10 meters or 33 feet for young kids. If your kids plan on playing paintball in the backyard that’s not target shooting, you should insist that they are wearing full protective gear.

The danger when it comes to getting shot is being hit in the eye. The most important and none negotiable rule is that everyone playing paintball including the kids are wearing quality goggles at all times! Kids could get frustrated when wearing face masks, especial if they tend to fog up and impair vision. If you have the opportunity use thermal coated or even better use dual lens also know as thermal lenses. Thermal lenses reduce fogging thus reducing the chance of the mask being removed during play. Talk to the young ones about this, stressing that they must not remove their goggles during play, no matter how tempting it may be.

As a responsible person, Impose a number of guidelines regarding paintball guns. They include:

  • Only point the gun in a safe direction
  • Never look down the barrel of the gun
  • The gun stays in safety mode until your ready to fire
  • Do not place your finger on the trigger until you have the intention of shooting
  • Always act as if the gun is loaded and could fire
  • When the paintball gun is not in use the barrel must have a muzzle over it

The first point to discuses about when to answer the question of what age a child should be to play paintball. Most paintball battlefields have a minimum age of 12. Field operators usually stipulate that children between the age of 12 to 15 need to have approved adult supervision with them at all times. To or not to allow a 10-12 year old to practice target shooting with a paintball rifle in the backyard is a choice you will have to make.




Paintball allows a person to be introduced to the world of guns in a controlled manner. It should teach responsible gun handling and safety, such as treating every firearm as being loaded, always pointing the weapon in a safe direction, and the importance of always wearing protective gear.

The amount of healthy physical activity is amazing. If your kid is like the majority of other kids, it’s hard enough to get them away from the Xbox or Play Station. Paintball does this.

The amount of healthy physical activity is amazing. If your kid is like the majority of other kids, it’s hard enough to get them away from the Xbox or Play Station. Paintball does this. Paintball also helps with mental and social health development. Youth, in general, do not engage with others face-to-face. As a result, they lack basic social skills that kids of a generation or two had mastered by the age of 10. Being part of a team allows them to develop those skills.



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