Did you know there are two different sizes of paintballs?  Most people are familiar with the standard size paintball (.68 Caliber), but there’s actually a smaller size too!  They’re known as our Low Impact Option, and they’re perfect for all ages and skill levels!

What Exactly is the Low Impact Option? 

Low Impact paintball is an updated form of paintball that is designed to make paintball more enjoyable and accessible to a wider range of players by making the game more affordable and reduce or in most cases completely remove the sting of being hit by an incoming paintball. This has been accomplished by reducing the size of the paintball used for play from .68 caliber, roughly smaller than the size of a dime, to .50 caliber. This smaller, lighter projectile, fired from paintball guns at a lower speed, transmits less energy on impact. Bottom line, it doesn’t hurt as much. If you were worried about trying the game of paintball, or allowing your child or spouse to try the game of paintball because you heard it might sting, Low Impact paintball is going to be the answer! Paintball playing parks and fields worldwide have begun to roll out Low Impact Paintball games for younger players, birthday parties and new players, taking the trepidation out of walking out onto the field for the first time! Even adults prefer the .50 caliber paintballs.

Why Do All Ages Prefer Low Impact?

Low Impact allows groups of all ages to play together!  Those who choose Low Impact paintballs are usually celebrating things such as:

  • Bachelor Parties
  • Birthdays
  • Corporate Events
  • School Dances


Helping these mixed age groups who don’t consider themselves to be “pros” get outside and onto the paintball field without having to worrying about going home with a bunch of bruises. Another benefit to the smaller sized paintball guns is the lighter design which makes maneuvering on the field much easier for smaller/younger players.


  • All the fun and excitement of playing paintball without the sting.
  • Lower ages are allowed so time to invite more friends.
  • Hoppers holds more paint than. 68 caliber.
  • Smaller size paintball allow for lightweight equipment.
  • The same courses are used as standard paintball.


.50 caliber paintballs measure .5 inches in diameter, and weigh about as much as a small paperclip at 1.25 grams. In comparison, a typical .68 paintball weighs in at around 3 grams. This weight and size difference means a smaller impact zone and considerably less sting, even when using our semi-automatic guns. When considered that the impact of our paintballs measures around 5 joules, compared to the 13 joules of a .68 caliber, you can easily see how low impact gives you all the fun, without little to no sting.