Its a good idea to have more items than you should on you when your skating. There are days when just bringing an extra bearing or a truck nut can save a session. We’ve all been there, you only need an item when it’s too late.

Skateboard Backpack Essentials

When a bearing breaks, you come across a ledge that needs some waxing, or patch yourself up. Having a emergency kit starts to make more sense.

1. Skate Tools

One of the most important  items that need to be included into your emergency kit is a skate tool.

Not every skate tool is the same though, These bullet points are a good guide as what to look for when choosing a skate tool. Its OK to go whit more than just one tool when choosing what to carry.

  • It’s sturdy, super fast when removing or replacing hardware.
  • Can deal with Allen and Philips bolts
  • Can be used to scratch grip tape
  • Allows you to tweak your trucks
  • Has a re threader

2. An Extra Bearing (or Eight)

Bearings do break. Its a good idea to carry an extra set. Even if used bearings are better to have than nothing when you need to replace a broken bearing. Add a couple of speed rings and washers to your kit for good measure.

3. Hardware

Over tighten your hardware and you will be in need of some replacement parts. Bringing a set of bolts and nuts is always a good idea, you may not need them often but you’ll be glad you have them when you need them.

4. Axle Nuts

Axle nuts get destroyed often. They are cheap and can save the day when you need to replace a bearing.

5. Pocket Knife or Stanley knife

A utility knife or pocket knife is used to cut laces, even chips or cutting the edges of when applying grip tape. There are probably a 1000 reasons to bring a knife.

6. First Aid Kits

Sometimes you learn the hard way. You don’t land that wicked flip and you scratch yourself up really bad. Fortunately somebody was smart enough to bring some bandages so you could patch yourself up.

7. Food & Drinks

Staying hydrated is important! Its a good idea to bring a few bottles of water. A banana works wonders to quickly get some energy and if you’re in for a long sessions making a couple of sandwiches won’t hurt.

8. Wax

Wax is great for practicing on curbs, grinding flatbars and dry ledges.  Make sure you don’t overdo it and its courteous to ask your fellow skaters if they don’t mind. Wax can melt so make sure to place it into a bag or use a container to hold it.

PRO TIP: A piece of sand paper or grip tape will allow you to remove excess wax.

9. Shoe Laces

Snapping laces is a common issue. Usually you can fix them temporarily using a not but sometimes you just have to replace your laces. Most skate shoes come with an extra pair of laces, easy to place in your backpack.

10. A Phone

Obviously you want to be able to make a call when you injured yourself. It’s not only great for emergencies, a phone camera is great for capturing awesome pics!

11. Toilet Paper

Tissues are not only convenient to clean your hands but sometimes porta potties don’t have them around. Its best to have a roll of tp rather than not to.

12. Re-threader

Not being able to place back a nut on an axle is super frustrating. Their is a slim chance that you need one but when you need it, you’ll wish you had one.

13. Shoo Goo

Shoo Goo is an essential thing to have. Shoe Goo works good at extend the useful life of your shoes. After patching your shoe with a piece of suede, Shoe Goo, and Rip Care, they could last for several more sessions.

14. Skate Backpack

Backpacks have tons of little pockets to store stuff and being able to attach a skateboard is very convenient. Select a bag that grip tape will not eat through. Some bags are better than others.


Hopefully you won’t need any of these items, however when you do you really wish you brought that extra gear. Its best to inspect your gear before you ride, usually you can spot problems before they happen. Make sure to place your back in a spot where it’s harder for people to steal it. Be sure to keep an eye on your belongings.



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