Are you planning on playing paintball soon, but are worried that it may rain and you’re not sure if you’ll be allowed to play?

Don’t worry.

Most paintball fields will allow you to play in the rain as long as there’s no lightning or high winds present to cause you harm. Just make sure to be careful if you’re playing with an electronic paintball gun or loader as water can damage the electrical components in your gear.

Fortunately, all modern paintball guns and loaders are made to be water-resistant and hold up fairly well when wet with a light amount of water. Plus, there are a variety of techniques you can follow that will help to make your paintball gear more water-resistant and safe from damage.

However, I won’t lie and say that playing paintball in the rain is completely safe. Even though the water-resistant coating on the electronic components inside of your marker and loader tends to work fairly effectively, it’s by no means perfect and 100% waterproof.

If you manage to fall in a puddle and fully submerge your paintball gun then there’s a chance that it might not continue to work afterward. But then again, it may just surprise you and continue functioning like nothing ever happened. Or you may be unlucky and your paintball gun gets fried from the tiniest contact with water.

You never know.

This is why I never recommend anyone to play paintball in the rain unless they absolutely have to. Now if you want to play paintball in the rain, at least use some backup gear (hopefully a mechanical marker) if you have any available.

It may just save you from an expensive repair bill.


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