Nerf Gun Game 1. Tin Can Competition

Set up some empty tin cans, 12oz soda cans, bottles or anything else you can place on a table. Space each a few meters away as in the picture then line up the kids and let the competition begin. If you have older kids, you can use colored stickers for each target giving them different points for each sticker. Lets see who can score the highest in each round

Nerf Gun Game 2. Nerf Capture the Flag

Separate the kids into two teams use arm bands or even hats if no arm bands are available.  Give them a flag or some kind of treasure that they have to protect. Place the treasure with one team at one end of the house or the yard and the other team at the opposite end. You can make it, even more, fun if the treasure is hidden from the opposing team so that not only do they have to find it and capture it without being shot, they also won’t have any idea where it could be! Players who are shot can either sit out, or go back to their home base and start again.

Nerf Gun Game 3. Shoot The Word Educational Game

What a fun way to learn word recognition! This is set up similar to the tin can competition, but in place of can use card board cut outs with words on them for targets. Not only does a hit count as a point but you can get bonus points for being able to both shoot and say which word you have hit. This is an engaging way to get the homework done!

Nerf Gun Game 4. Pistol Shoot Out

This fun and energetic game is played as every person for themselves or in teams. This game involves using only pistols or whatever the closest you have to a pistol. By limiting the firepower to just a small Nerf pistol, the games last longer and help players to work on stealth, accuracy and skill. Its also a great way to wear the kids out before bed time.

Nerf Gun Game 5. Not the Baby

One or two players have to protect “The Baby,” The baby should be a toy baby rather than a real person. Those protecting the baby have to provide the baby with safe passage from one area to another while being under fire at the same time. If the baby gets hit, you’re out.

Nerf Gun Game 6. Freeze Hand Tag

Freeze hand tag is an enjoyable game on its own but with the addition of Nerf guns its the bee’s knees. This game requires at least four players. Every player will need a Nerf gun. When tagged by another person with a Nerf dart, you are frozen. This means no moving at all or shooting your gun. You are unfrozen after being hit you with a dart again. If you are playing teams, you would need your team member to hit you with the dart to be unfrozen.


Nerf Gun Game 7.  Water Balloon Soaking

Fill a balloon with water and place it on a table and see who can hit the balloon and break it open. A second variation is to toss the water balloon up into the air and have the kids shoot at it to try and break it open before it hits the ground and splashes them all.

Nerf Gun Game 8. Mandalorian

This game is a homage to the TV show Mandalorian and is one of the best two-person games ever. Set up a shooter (the Mandalorian) on high ground who has access to different Nerf weapons along a course and the competitor, who doesn’t have a weapon, has to navigate the obstacle course while avoiding the Nerf darts. This is a great game for exercising to.

Nerf Gun Game 9. The Four Corners

This is a good game to play when you have an uneven number of players. One side has lots of cover and the other side has not so much cover. Players with good positional coverage have 10 lives while those with little cover have 15.  During play, if  all four corners of your playing area are touched, you gain 5 extra lives.  If every member of the team reaches all four corners, that team automatically wins. Eliminating the other team completely is the other way of winning.

Nerf Gun Game 10. Field Doctor

The goal of this game is to eliminate the other teams players. Each player has a set number of lives. But there is a twist. When a non-critical body part such as an arm or leg, it doesn’t count against your total lives. Instead, you can no longer use that limb. In order to use the limb again, you will have to be fixed by visiting a field hospital on the playing field. Hospitals are neutral so, while a player is visiting a hospital, they can’t be shot or do any shooting, but once they leave, they are fair game.



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