Can You Lose Weight Skateboarding?

Skateboarding as an exercise will help train your body. Skateboarding improves flexibility, agility, and balance. Like any sport, the effectiveness of losing weight and building up muscle depends on how much and how aggressive you are when skating.

You can lose weight if you skateboard regularly. By just moderately pushing your skateboard you’ll burn around lots of calories an hour.

Skateboarding is a great exercise to increase your core strength and to train your legs and building muscle.

Skateboarding requires you to go outside, grab the board and ride. It might be harder to learn, the rewards are worth it. Adrenaline and fun should help you maintain discipline and keep you motivated.

Why Skateboarding Is a Good Workout

Skateboarding is a great mental and physical exercise. You feel good about yourself and brings a positive mental state. Nothing else exists other than you and your board. It help you take your mind off of everything.

Mentally it’s a great sport, what about physically? Skateboarding is great for core strength and flexibility! But skateboarding is also a good exercise because:

  • You get a full body work out.
  • Improves coordination and precision.
  • Easy to pick up other board sports like snowboarding and surfing
  • Learning to fall helps with slipping and tumbling in real life.
  • Patience, it takes a lot of practice before you learn a trick.

Lose Belly Fat Skateboarding?

Like every exercise, you’ll burn calories skateboarding. How many you burn depends on your skill level and how much time you spend skateboarding each day.

Riding a skateboard and pushing off is intense just like riding a mini ramp or performing tricks on the street. Also depending on your wheels and bearings, you might burn more or fewer calories.

Hard wheels and bad bearings will force you to push more often while soft wheels and smooth bearings will cost you less energy. Riding a long board is also less of an exercise than a classic freestyle board. Long boards have large soft wheels where a normal skateboard has smaller and harder wheels.

Skateboarding is interval training. When you hit the streets of skate park you’ll have an intense skate session and some breaks in between.

A mini ramp or a bowl, this becomes more obvious. try do this for 15 minutes straight. Soon you start to feel your legs burn and your heart pounding. Even if you can last that long.

How Many Calories Can You Burn Skateboarding?

According to Harvard Medical school research, Those who weigh 125 to 185 pounds will burn 300 to 444 calories, during an 1-hour session.

Weight (pounds) Weight (KG) Time Cal Joules
 125 56.7  1 hour  300 1 255.2
 155 70.3  1 hour  372 1 556.4
 185 83.9  1 hour  444 1 857.6

Skateboard 5 hours a week you could burn between 1500 and 2220 calories each week.

Combine this with a healthy diet and you’ll start burning fat. In the end, it’s also about what you eat and drink.

Eating Taco Bell and McDonald’s well set you back both in health and cash when especially, when you start paying for insurance because of diabetes. Obviously, garbage “food” is worse than consuming healthy food. You just can’t beat unhealthy foods. Check out this artical about eating healthy for cheap.


Does Skateboarding Have a Weight Limit?

If you wear proper protective gear and just take it easy skateboarding your weight shouldn’t be an issue. The weight limit for a skateboard depends on the brand/manufacturer. Also, longboards have different standards than regular skateboards.

If you just want to ride, go with a long board. These boards can handle heavy riders well and offer a very smooth ride.

There isn’t really any weight limit other than your own ability to move. Skateboards can take a lot of pressure as long as they are made out of maple wood. Buy a skateboard from a reliable brand and weight won’t be an issue. If you skate on a regular basis, you will lose weight.

The limit really depends on your ability to move and your agility. If you can hardly walk you should lose some weight first before skateboarding. The more you weigh, the harder you fall. Skating is supposed to be fun and not  frustrating.

Which Muscles Are Used While Skateboarding?

Tons of muscles are being used when skateboarding. Most important muscles are your core and the upper and lower legs. Probably the most important part is the core. A strong core is vital for balancing a skateboard.

  • Core muscles for stabilization.
  • Quadriceps, muscle group of four that form the front of the thighs.
  • Quadriceps and hamstring muscles.
  • Butt musscles, the main extensor muscle of the hip.
  • Upper and lower legs.

Core Muscles and Core Strength

Skateboarding is excellent exercise for core muscles and a fantastic way of training core strength. The core is essential for skateboarding , it stabilizes your body and supports your balance.

Balance is a very important aspect of skateboarding as you will often come across unstable surfaces. Skateboarding will also help with shaping your abs!


Quads extend your knee and flex the hip joints. they consist of a muscle group that shapes the front of your thighs.

Tricks such as ollies require hip flexion and knee extension. You’ll need to be able to move your knee towards your torso when you ollie. You should also be able to bend your torso towards your hip so some flexibility and strength in your quadriceps.

Gluteus Maximus (Butt)

One of the strongest muscles in the body is located at the buttocks. The muscle allows for the movement of your hip and thigh which is essential to keep your balance when you skateboard.

When you ollie you’ll go from a lower or crouched position to a higher upright position. Your gluteus maximus gets activated, also called hyperextending.


Hamstrings allow your knee to flex and bring your calves to the back of your thigh. Skateboarding relies heavily on your hamstrings, they help you to flex your knees.

Your hamstrings also help you to maintain a lower center of gravity as you move yourself to a lower position.

Exercises to Make You Stronger

Consider getting stronger doing exercises before you start skateboarding. Your core strength and legs are most frequently used when skateboarding.

You don’t have to go to the gym as most exercises can be done at home or improvise. Focus on the following.

  • Calf muscles
  • Quads
  • Strengthen your hamstrings and glutes
  • Focus on your core and balance

Skateboarding Weight-Loss Schedule

If you’ve never played sports and are new to skateboarding you should go for 30 minutes every day. Just slowly build up and go for 60 minutes in week 4 and see how you’re holding up.

Build up slowly and listen to your body.  Don’t ignore discomfort or pain, slight discomforts are normal like fatigue in your feet, but don’t burn yourself out. Pain could be a sign of an injury so when you feel pain check it out before continuing to train.

Take a break to let your body recover. Breaks are good, next time you’ll do the thing you wanted to last session and you’ll nail it. Just make sure that you actually go out there after your recovery break.

Ideal weight for a skateboard? There’s no such thing as an ideal weight for boarding. Skaters come in all sizes and ages and weighing more or less doesn’t mean you aren’t able to skateboard. If you’re heavy just take it easy there isn’t a weight limit as long as you can walk.

Do I need different bushings? This is a good question. You might consider different bushings when you get wheel bite. Try to tighten your trucks first before you buy harder bushings. You might also consider getting a wider deck between 8.25″ and 8.5″.



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