Whether you want to learn how to Ollie, drop in, or stick to the basics to get comfortable on the board, skate instructors will help make your dreams bloom into reality. Safety focused, balance, perseverance, and as always FUN. Skateboarding is challenging and everyone  will fall a few times. The more you fall, the more you learn, and you’ll learn a lot. With a pros expertise any trick can be mastered.

When To Arrive


Party-Icons-01Booking lessons is fast & easy online or over the phone. A lesson reservation is just like a tee time or dinner reservation. Example: If booked at 1pm please arrive at 1pm. You won’t be eating at that time but your table will be ready for you to check in!  You may want to arrive early to get orientated.

Reserved Table Spaces

Party-Icons-02Just like a dinner reservation skateboarding parks will have a table set aside for you when you book ahead. If your party is a larger group; They have a few tables set aside for you. Some people just come to skate and others like to decorate their tables. Feel free to bring birthday decorations, plastic wear, table cloths but its a go idea to leave the silly string and glitter at home.

Food And Drinks

Party-Icons-04Skate parks have concessions like soda, chips and candy but you are welcome to bring in your own. Parties may also bring in pizza and or cake at no extra charge 😉 Feel free to order some specialty pizza from your favorite shop and have it delivered.

Safety Orientation

Party-Icons-03Once you or your entire group is ready and all checked in; everyone will have received a brief safety lesson. In less than 5 minutes all skaters will learn all the safety rules, how to adjust your pads, helmet, mouth guard, board dynamics and more! All skating is fully supervised by a staff members.

 Gear Distribution

Knowledgeable and friendly staff will hand out everyones equipment and prepare you for action! Admission, skate board, skate shoes, protective pads and usually a mouth guard is included in all packages but not required.

Player Rotation

All groups are separated by age (Preteens, Teenagers, Mixed Ages or Adults) to make sure a birthday party doesn’t play against a bachelor party! Groups may also decide to select a private rotation when booking. This allows no one else to jump in or skate within your group.

 Start Playing!

One main goal for first time students is to become skate park ready, this includes pushing, turns, ollies, and dropping in. Once the fundamentals are established the possibilities are endless.



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