Are your skateboard wheels not as smooth as they used to be? Do you feel as if your board is not as fast as other boards? If you’ve answered yes to either of these questions, it means it’s time to invest in new skateboard bearings. These small balls located on the inside of your wheels allow you to speed smoothly on your board.

Fret not. We’ve got you! We’ll be reviewing some of the best skate bearings in this post. From the pros to the cons, we’ll discuss it all. Moreover, if you want a general idea about the various components of bearings and what to look for when purchasing approaches, you may find our buying guide quite informative. If you’re looking for a smooth skateboarding experience, then we suggest you keep reading!

The 12 Best Skateboard Bearings to Start Using Now

  • Bones Swiss Ceramics Bearings
  • Bones Bearings Reds
  • Bronson G3 Single Set
  • Spitfire Burner Bearings
  • Bronson Speed Co. RAW
  • Andale 8mm Daewon’s Donut Box Pro Rated
  • Bronson Speed Co, G2 Next Generation
  • Bronson Speed Ceramics w/Cleaning Unit, Spacers, Washers, and Shields
  • Oust MOC 9 Air
  • Shake Junt ABEC-7 Triple Og’S
  • Andale Swiss Tin Box w/Red Parts
  • Mini-Logo Pre-lubricated w/Speed Cream


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