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The Kore Outdoor family of brands encapsulate all that is paintball and airsoft, from grassroot legacy trademarks such as Tippmann Sports, Spyder and JT Paintball to the more current modern such as Empire and G.I. Sportz effectively covering all facets of the industry. Each brand offers its own specialty and flavor for this unique sport supporting all levels of play. Products range from entry level budget to high end sophisticated offerings and everything in between. You can visit Kore Outdoor by clicking on this link or contacting them at 1-800-671-9963


Kore is a conglomeration of some of the most prominent brands in paintball together in one company spread out over 11 locations in four countries. Our company consists of 250 full-time employees worldwide, producing billions of paintballs annually and are famously known for our popular brands: Tippmann, Empire, JT, G.I Sportz, Spyder, Vforce and more. Kore supplies fields and stores worldwide further supporting the industry through the sponsorship of professional tournament teams, scenario and big game events and many local charities.

Here is a list of just a few of the leading paintball and airsoft paintball guns, paintball masks, paintball tanks, paintball clothing, paintball harness, and paintball accessories :

  • The Empire Mini™ GS is the next generation of a paintball marker legend. The team at Empire has taken the proven Mini marker platform and designed and developed it to be even better. In addition to the battle proven Mini engine the GS includes a full wrap-around rubber foregrip that creates a secure grip and protection from paint and the elements. The Mini GS also adds an On/Off ASA that eliminates any thread issues and makes for smooth removal of your tank.
  • Introducing the latest MagFed Extremely Authentic ARStyled Tactical Carbine Marker! Go MagFed or traditional loader and get the best of both worlds in one awesome package.The TMC can be fully accessorized giving the player more unique options for Tactical Games, combining functionality with the World renowned Tippmann reliability for the next standard in MagFed Products.
  • The new Tippmann Stormer is a completely modular .68 caliber marker for all levels of play.The Stormer Series is available in 3 models allowing full customization. The Stormer Basic features our reliable in-line bolt system with a high-impact composite body.The Stormer Tactical adds Tactical Front Shroud, Front / Rear Flip Up Sights and a 6 Position Collapsible Stock that completes the military look. The Stormer Elite allows you to switch between loader and mag fed configurations offering several different looks to switch between.
  • A classic paintball gun that has been in production for 25+ years. The Victor is a tried and tested platform that offers an affordable price tag with great and reliable performance for any beginner to intermediate paintball player.
  • Terminator has nothing on the JT SplatMaster z200 Shotgun. The smooth, quick pump action and 15 rounds of Ammo make for endless shooting fun. Whether
    shooting targets or playing against friends, the z200 has you covered. Shooting up to 100+ feet, the z200 shoots straight and true with marksman accuracy up to 50
    feet. The z200 package comes loaded with a reusable target for sharpening your skills, game play options and instructions.
  • Introducing the new Z18 Splatmaster 50cal for 1st gen players. JT’s popular and often imitated Splatmaster is further refined and improved to
    make low impact even more fun for the novice youth player. Still super lightweight but with easier pump action for an improved low impact experience.JT is committed to growing the sport at the grass roots with quality low impact paintball products that increase the fun factor among youth players. Look for the new Splatmaster and more 1st experience products for 2020!